Last Push Before Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period Closes

insurance open enrollment period
Are you feeling pushed? We’ve noticed some hard selling by some insurers to try to get those still uninsured into the federal or state health insurance exchanges before the open enrollment period closes on Monday, March 31st. According to a recent New York Times article, some in
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Health Insurance Mandates are NOT Being Delayed

Are you one of those that is hoping for an extension on the mandate to have health insurance coverage by the end of this month? Were you hoping there would be a delay in the penalty if you do not have health insurance by the end of March 2014? If so, we received some sad news for you
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Patient Home Monitoring Devices Yield Big Data

Patient Home Monitoring Devices
There are doctors that know when their patients’ hearts are racing, or when their blood pressure is rising, even if they are sitting at home. Does that freak you out a little? Yeah, us too. But for high risk patients, patient home monitoring devices can be life saving. For provi
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George Geldin on the Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers…And You!

Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers
Hi, this is George Geldin of Geldin Insurance Services with a California Individual Insurance update for February 2014. This has been a tumultuous time during this initial Open Enrollment Period. By one carrier’s account, last year, in 2013, they had approximately 5,000 individu
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ADP’s Top 13 Employer Tips to Optimize the Affordable Care Act

13 Tips of Health Care Reform Image courtesy of dan /
Although we previously published a blog with a list of things employers must know to prepare for the regulations that accompany the Affordable Care Act, ADP recently put out a Top 13 list we thought you might also find valuable. “Know the requirements and deadlines.”  Ok,
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Administration Enlists Celebrities to Promote the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act celebrities
More Affordable Care Act News In our post last week, we noted that one way to fund the Affordable Care Act “which will make guaranteed health coverage available to all Americans for the first time next year and also require most consumers to have health coverage or pay a fine
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Affordable Care Act Explained by YouToons from Kaiser Family Foundation

Youtoons Explain the Affordable Care Act
“The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare,” The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, accessed July 22, 2013, Affordable Care Act Explained by YouToons Still confused about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known
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Health Care Reform Delays May Trigger Larger Individual Pool

Health care reform delays increase individual pool
What DO the Health Care Reform Delays Mean? Do you remember our previous post about the approved health care reform delay for employers with more than 50 employees? Do you remember all the news outlets saying that it’s the beginning of the end of health care reform? Well, how ab
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Value Remains in Voluntary Benefits

benefits Image courtesy of chanpipat /
Voluntary Benefits and PPACA We’ve all been focused on so many of the changes coming due to health care reform, but have you thought about the voluntary benefits your employer offers? Voluntary benefits are often used by employers as a recruiting tool. An article posted by LifeH
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Health Care Reform – Employer Mandate Delayed

health care reform delays
Health Care Reform Delays Since you may have missed this health care reform update last week during your preparation for the holiday weekend, we are sharing the below eBulletin we received from Anthem just before the holiday. On July 02, 2014, the Obama Administration delayed part of
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