New President May End the 40% Excise Tax on Premium Health Care Plans

We don’t usually comment on politics, but it seems the responsible “thing” to alert you to the potential consequences of the upcoming vote. This week, posted: The Cadillac Tax is Politically Unpopular – So is Repeal a “Done” Deal? Willis is a member of the
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What did the Supreme Court Agree to Hear?

We’re guessing that you heard the news on Friday that the Supreme Court agreed to rule on a new challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We’ve heard from some of you that you’re not sure you understand what they are going to rule on and would like
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A Roundup of ACA Updates, with Thanks to Employee Benefits News!

Once again, we received 3 new updates that we thought might interest you, and they are summarized for you below, along with links to the original articles: * An article in Benefits News answered “The Top Three Questions Asked By Small Business Owners”: Question 1: “W
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What…There are Discrepancies…In the New Health Insurance Program?!

Health Insurance Program
The AP recently posted an article with updated figures on those that enrolled in the health insurance exchanges during the first open enrollment period. According to the article, “More than 2 million people who got health insurance under [the Affordable Care Act] have data discr
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Small Employers Still Unprepared for Obamacare Mandates

Small Employers Still Unprepared for Obamacare Mandates
I know, you thought we were done with this topic. And we were. For awhile. But here’s what we’ve learned from a recent article published by Inc: Small Businesses are still NOT prepared for Obamacare mandates. Are you an employee of a small business? Are you a small busines
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Last Push Before Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period Closes

insurance open enrollment period
Are you feeling pushed? We’ve noticed some hard selling by some insurers to try to get those still uninsured into the federal or state health insurance exchanges before the open enrollment period closes on Monday, March 31st. According to a recent New York Times article, some in
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Health Insurance Mandates are NOT Being Delayed

Are you one of those that is hoping for an extension on the mandate to have health insurance coverage by the end of this month? Were you hoping there would be a delay in the penalty if you do not have health insurance by the end of March 2014? If so, we received some sad news for you
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Do Your Medical Cost Trend Predictions Match PWC’s?

medical cost trend
A colleague shared an article from PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) that projects a medical inflation dip this year! Really? Could you have predicted that? They shared four (4) factors that they expect will deflate medical costs, two (2) factors that they expect will inflate medical costs,
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ACA News This Week

ACA News
Fresh into the new year and yes, there is ACA News. Two articles about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) came to our attention this past week. One of them, released by Politico, states: “Almost all of the taxes that will be used to offset the cost of ACA are in place…A tax on
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Summarizing Healthcare News of the Year Behind and….

Summarizing Healthcare New and....
Although we do hate to be trite, we suspect that at least part of you is looking forward to someone summarizing health care news of 2013 and, perhaps, a peak forward to at least one really cool health care advancement we see coming down the pike in the coming year. Ok, first the recap
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