5 Top Health News Stories from this Past Week

What health news caught your attention this past week? So much caught our attention that we couldn’t choose just one article to share. Here’s a roundup of the top X articles we think you should know about: 1. Aetna, Humana Shareholders Approve Proposed Merger “Health
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Top 2 Key Consumer Complaints About Health Care Insurance

What are your top 2 complaints about health care insurance, even after implementation of Affordable Care Act?   Even our informal poll shows that the top 2 complaints are: 1. Before I chose a new plan, I checked to make sure my doctor was included and yet, when I went for an office vi
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Seniors’ Relationship with Money

Seniors Money Infographic
We received two money related articles in our inbox, just two days apart. One article said that more seniors may choose early retirement in order to save enough money to afford health care. The other article says that seniors care more about their loved ones than money. Seniors Saving
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