The Passing of Bowie and Frey is the Week Our Music Died

winslow image greg mckelvey
Are you a Boomer? If so, last week may have been as sad for you as it was for some of us. The deaths of David Bowie and Glenn Frey led to some interesting conversations about which artist left a bigger impact on our lives, and a bigger whole in our hearts. Which was it for you? Winslo
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Covered California Opens Third Annual Enrollment this Week

It’s Back! Covered California Opens Third Annual Enrollment – Keenan November 1 marks the beginning of Open Enrollment for Covered California’s health insurance exchange and the opportunity to enroll for or change coverage for 2016. The open enrollment period extends to January
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The Future of State Run Health Insurance Exchanges Seems Grim

Are you concerned about the viability of California’s health insurance exchange?   State healthcare exchanges plagued by high cost, low enrollment High costs and disappointing enrollment are plaguing some state-run health insurance markets, according to an Associated Press
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Reduced Health Insurance Premium Rates in California

Have your health insurance premiums dropped?   According to a recent article in one of our industry newsletters, because those enrolling through California’s health insurance exchange, Covered California, were healthier than originally anticipated, and, therefore, a lower risk t
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Health Insurer Anthem on the Other Side of The News This Week

Last week our post was about UnitedHealth acquiring Anthem…this week, Anthem is on the acquiring side: Health insurer Cigna rejects Anthem takeover bid  Health insurer Cigna Corp. has rejected a $47 billion offer to be acquired by Anthem, a larger rival, saying the terms of the
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Obamacare Tallies Are In

Now that the Obamacare Open Enrollment Period is behind us, the last couple of weeks have been filled numerous articles. Below you’ll find a roundup of the most important articles so far this month. “Data on Health Law Shows Largest Drop in Uninsured in 4 Decades, the U.S.
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Health and Life Insurance In The News this Week…and a Job Lead!

Looks like it’s time for another compilation post since there are just too many important stories this week. 1. This Insurance Broadcasting headline really surprised many on our team: “Annual Survey of Americans’ Views on Health Care and the ACA Finds Nearly Half of
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2 More California Health Insurance Updates

Wow, another week with 2 important changes we thought you should know about. Here they are in the order we received them: “Governor signs bill to let doctors graduate faster”: according to an article found in the Sacramento Business Journal, some student doctors could grad
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More Health Insurance Changes for California

We recently received an email with 2 new health insurance updates for California. We couldn’t pick just one to post about, so we decided to summarize them both for you. 1. SB 1446 was signed signed by Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. on July 07, 2014 and will pr
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Health Insurance Pop Quiz…Only 5 Questions…And Their Answers

Health Insurance Pop Quiz
We are only days away from closing out the first quarter since the end of the first open enrollment period under “Obamacare“. Before we share with you the results of a new study we were sent, please take just a moment to think about what you expect the study to show. 1. Do
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