Do You Have Concerns About Your Local Hospital?

We started reading an article in the September issue of Consumer Reports   entitled “How your hospital can make you sick“ (which is not California specific), and were reminded of another article, summarized below) about hospitals facing Medicare Readmission Penalties. So,
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Why Do I Need Critical Care Insurance?

Has your agent or broker ever talked to you about Critical Care Insurance? Many do not and thus many potential patients do not even know it exists. A couple of weeks ago, some of our colleagues recorded the below video to highlight the need for critical illness coverage. “The vi
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This Week’s Updates on Covered California Health Insurance

Did you get your health insurance through Covered California?  Are you planning on getting your health insurance through Covered California next year? Perhaps you thought nothing was happening there during “the off season.” Clearly that is not the case! We read an article
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Obamacare on 60 Minutes

Did you watch the 60 Minutes article on Obamacare that aired on Sunday, January 11, 2015? We missed it, but found it online, though not available to embed here. Below the video, is the written transcript of the article.  The piece opens with Lesley Stahl saying: “This month mark
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New Medicare Advantage Study: It’s Growing!

Are you or someone you love already enrolled in Medicare? Are you (or someone you love) in your late 60s? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you seem to be the perfect demographic for enrolling to Medicare Advantage. According to a recently published study, as r
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5 HealthCare Predictions for 2015

Do you have a working crystal ball? Neither do we…or anyone we’ve met to date. And yet, we all seem compelled to make predictions for the coming year. We found quite a few folks willing to make health care predictions for 2015 (feel free to Google “healthcare predict
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Wishing You Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Is one of your goals to be healthy (or at least healthier)? Well don’t wait any longer…let’s start today! Actually, some of you may have started earlier with a healthy Hanukkah. We found a fun article earlier this month at One Green Planet. Since this post is publish
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Cuba is Open for Business, for Those with Travel Insurance!

Did you hear that the embargo has been lifted (first time since 1962)? “The United States announced it would restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in the country following the release of an imprisoned American contractor Wednesday. The breakthrough in d
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Still Looking for a Doctor in California?

A few months ago, we mentioned that Covered California was hoping to enroll millions more during this Open Enrollment Period. Are you one that is still looking for coverage? Or, perhaps you have coverage but can’t find a doctor to care for you? Both of these issues are currently
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Wishing You All a Very Healthy Thanksgiving!

  In keeping with our health themes, we went looking for ways to encourage a healthy Thanksgiving and found a lot too choose from (as you can see in these images): The common theme is that traditional dishes can be healthy with just a few tweaks. For example, below is what you
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