5 Top Health News Stories from this Past Week

What health news caught your attention this past week? So much caught our attention that we couldn’t choose just one article to share. Here’s a roundup of the top X articles we think you should know about: 1. Aetna, Humana Shareholders Approve Proposed Merger “Health
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Are You Caught Up In Aetna’s Pharmacy Network Mix-Up?

Did you know that more than 400,000 Aetna members, who are also on Medicare, were caught by surprise when it turned out their pharmacy couldn’t, or wouldn’t, fill their prescription at what was thought to be the agreed upon rate? According to a recent article by Kaiser Hea
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Aetna Adds Peer Support Platform to Employee Assistance Program

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A SmartBrief link to an Aetna press release advised us that “Aetna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) members now have access to a social networking platform that connects them to peer support and behavior change professionals for help in overcoming chronic behavioral health cond
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