In The News This Week: Fear About Zika

Zika Transmitted by Mosquito
And You Thought Zika Was Only In Brazil…. Zika infections will rise, plateau and then fall in Colombia, says President Juan Manuel Santos. via VIDEO: Colombia – Zika infections will rise WebMD shares the story the doctors who linked the Zika virus to microcephaly. via Zika
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Still Time to Buy Holiday Travel Insurance

USA Today Travel Graph
As we close out Open Enrollment Health Insurance Season, we turn to The Holidays: Holiday travelers to top 100M for first time ever; most will drive Holiday travelers to top 100M for first time ever; most will drive The national average price for gas is poised to fall below $2 per gal
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Warp Speed Travel Ahead

Warp speed travel is theoretically possible, says astrophysicist Despite all the intergalactic hopping in science fiction and the occasional extraordinary research claim, most of us have accepted that when it comes to travel, humanity is always going to be limited by the speed of ligh
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Could It Be Cellulitis?

Ever been stung by a flying insect? Ever had the affected limb swell? One of our colleagues recently heard a friend’s story that almost turned into a nightmare. Here’s the story: She was feeding her many animals (dogs, cats, horses, goats, etc.) when she felt a sting on he
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Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets Hoteliers Don’t Want You To Know

via 15 Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets Their Bosses Don’t Want You To Know “Tell the hotel staff if you don’t like your room, or if it’s not clean. They’ll most likely be able to get you a different room. It’s best to make sure the room is to your liking b
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Dog Friendly Plans for Southern California Travels

Are you beginning to think about your summer travels? We heard our first “summer vacation” ad just this morning…which reminded us of an article we read in the November/December 2014 issue of Westways Magazine, put out by AAA (the American Automobile Association), ent
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Cuba is Open for Business, for Those with Travel Insurance!

Did you hear that the embargo has been lifted (first time since 1962)? “The United States announced it would restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in the country following the release of an imprisoned American contractor Wednesday. The breakthrough in d
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Insuring Against the Risk of Another September 11?

As we get closer to each 09/11 anniversary, we receive increasing number of clients calling about Terrorism Insurance. We always advise them that it is quite costly and typically purchased by companies who are sending employees to known High-Risk Countries, especially in the Middle Ea
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Ensuring AND Insuring Your Summer Vacation???

Ok, so we’ve shared quite a bit about travel insurance so that may be what came to mind first, but have you thought about how your health and life insurance could come into play, too? Since the thought of needing your life insurance is not too pleasant a thought, let’s foc
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Are Norovirus Reports Ruining Your Vacation Plans?

Crusing with Norovirus
If the talk around your water cooler is like ours, you’re amazed that there is yet another cruise ship carrying a spreading virus. In case you don’t actually know about this story, let’s summarize: According to CNN Three outbreaks of illness affecting more than 100 p
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