Are You Missing Out on Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits?

One of our colleagues recently lost his father. He and his sister erroneously thought he would receive the life insurance checks right away. But it doesn’t work that way. First you have to receive the death certificate. That alone could take many weeks. Once those certificates h
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Wishing You Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Is one of your goals to be healthy (or at least healthier)? Well don’t wait any longer…let’s start today! Actually, some of you may have started earlier with a healthy Hanukkah. We found a fun article earlier this month at One Green Planet. Since this post is publish
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Wishing You All a Very Healthy Thanksgiving!

  In keeping with our health themes, we went looking for ways to encourage a healthy Thanksgiving and found a lot too choose from (as you can see in these images): The common theme is that traditional dishes can be healthy with just a few tweaks. For example, below is what you
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Penicillin Allergy? Maybe Not…!

With Open Enrollment season just beginning, many folks are looking to change doctors (again) in the new year. Which raises the question: do you check the box stating you are allergic to penicillin? Did you know that although you may have had a previous negative reaction, you may not a
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George Geldin with a 2014 Individual Open Enrollment Update Video

Hi, this is George Geldon with an individual insurance open enrollment roundup. This is dated October 29th 2014. I’m gonna touch on Medicare, Covered California and other individual plans. Right at this time, for those people in Medicare, we’re in the midst of Medicare Ope
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10 Healthy Halloween Treats Children Want

Since last year’s post was focused on a safe Halloween, we thought we’d focus this year on Healthy Halloween, while reminding you to review last year’s safety tips!   Have you been touring Pinterest for Healthy Halloween ideas? If not, we hope that the below ima
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Is this a Cold or the Flu?

With record braking heat in southern California, it’s hard to remember that we are rapidly approaching fall and the final quarter of the year. Of course, for those with children, the beginning of school and their requisite fall activities helps remind many parents. And then ther
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Insuring Against the Risk of Another September 11?

As we get closer to each 09/11 anniversary, we receive increasing number of clients calling about Terrorism Insurance. We always advise them that it is quite costly and typically purchased by companies who are sending employees to known High-Risk Countries, especially in the Middle Ea
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Unique Stress Reduction Technique: Block Carving & Printmaking Class

Every day we read about how stressful our society is. We hear from our friends and loved one’s about how stressed they feel, and recognize those feelings in ourselves. Many of us have also read numerous articles on ways to reduce the stress in our lives, including taking up a ho
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Robin Williams’ Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

If your circles are anything like ours, many were shocked and saddened that a man who brought us so much joy and happiness could not feel enough of the same being returned to him to keep him from ending his life. You’ve probably heard or read a lot this week about the signs of d
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