Last Push Before Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period Closes

insurance open enrollment period
Are you feeling pushed? We’ve noticed some hard selling by some insurers to try to get those still uninsured into the federal or state health insurance exchanges before the open enrollment period closes on Monday, March 31st. According to a recent New York Times article, some in
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George Geldin on the Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers…And You!

Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers
Hi, this is George Geldin of Geldin Insurance Services with a California Individual Insurance update for February 2014. This has been a tumultuous time during this initial Open Enrollment Period. By one carrier’s account, last year, in 2013, they had approximately 5,000 individu
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Is Implementing the Affordable Care Act Really Cutting Our Work Force?

Did you hear the same news we did? First we heard the news on the radio, and then we received this NY Times article in our email box and knew we had to share it with you! The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their analysis showing that, because of the Affordable
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Latest News on Health Insurance Exchanges and The Affordable Care Act

Latest News on Health Insurance Exchanges and the Affordable Care Act
The latest news we’re hearing about the new health insurance exchanges and the Affordable Care Act are twofold. The first piece of news we received is that, as expected, the young and healthy are still sitting on the sidelines where as those that are older piled in fairly quickl
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ACA News This Week

ACA News
Fresh into the new year and yes, there is ACA News. Two articles about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) came to our attention this past week. One of them, released by Politico, states: “Almost all of the taxes that will be used to offset the cost of ACA are in place…A tax on
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Summarizing Healthcare News of the Year Behind and….

Summarizing Healthcare New and....
Although we do hate to be trite, we suspect that at least part of you is looking forward to someone summarizing health care news of 2013 and, perhaps, a peak forward to at least one really cool health care advancement we see coming down the pike in the coming year. Ok, first the recap
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Young Invincibles Needed in the Health Insurance Exchanges

Young Invincibles Needed in the Health Insurance Exchanges
Ok, so we’re pretty sure you have more important things to think about as you prepare for your holiday gatherings, but The Feds and the health care industry are hoping that you will be talking amongst yourselves about health insurance.  Will you? According to a recent Reuters
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Simplifying Your non-Grandfathered Anthem Plan

Geldin Insurance Agency: Simplifying Your Non-Grandfathered Anthem Plan
This message was recorded by George Geldin.  This is a message regarding your Anthem Blue Cross non-grandfathered health insurance plan. As you are probably aware, the non-grandfathered plans are all going to be transitioned to new, health care compliant plans effective January 01. 20
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10 Fraudulent Health Care Insurance Exchange Sites Removed in California

Reuter's story about 10 fraudulent health insurance exchange sites in California
We posted before about the potential for fraud as the exchanges were rolled out.  Unfortunately, fraudsters think differently than healthy citizens. Reuters posted a story last week about California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris, taking down 10 fake sites that tried to mimic
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Health Care Reform Countdown

Health Care Reform Countdown Clock
As we write this, we are about 50 days from January 01, 2014 , the date at which the law currently states you will be fined if you are not insured somehow for health insurance. As of this same date, California’s health insurance exchange states:  “Nearly 60,000 people have
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