Do You Have Concerns About Your Local Hospital?

We started reading an article in the September issue of Consumer Reports   entitled “How your hospital can make you sick“ (which is not California specific), and were reminded of another article, summarized below) about hospitals facing Medicare Readmission Penalties. So,
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The Future of State Run Health Insurance Exchanges Seems Grim

Are you concerned about the viability of California’s health insurance exchange?   State healthcare exchanges plagued by high cost, low enrollment High costs and disappointing enrollment are plaguing some state-run health insurance markets, according to an Associated Press
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Are You Wishing Medicare a Happy Birthday?

Are you one of those boomers that grew up thinking that Social Security and Medicare would not be available for you? I know many of our colleagues still have that concern. Which is why the AARP Bulletin cover story caught our attention.  Happy Birthday Social Security and Medicare Pre
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Reduced Health Insurance Premium Rates in California

Have your health insurance premiums dropped?   According to a recent article in one of our industry newsletters, because those enrolling through California’s health insurance exchange, Covered California, were healthier than originally anticipated, and, therefore, a lower risk t
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UnitedHealth and Anthem in The News this Week

Is your healthcare provider part of UnitedHealth or Anthem? If so, we recommend you pay close attention to this week’s news. UnitedHealth, Anthem Seek to Buy Smaller Rivals The two biggest U.S. health insurers by revenue, UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Anthem Inc., are seeking to b
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Covered California Customers Report Difficulty Paying Premiums

Are you part of the 44% of Covered California customers that report difficulty paying their health insurance premiums?   According to a Los Angeles Times article posted last week: “A new survey shows that 44% of Covered California policyholders find it difficult paying their mon
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Why Do I Need Critical Care Insurance?

Has your agent or broker ever talked to you about Critical Care Insurance? Many do not and thus many potential patients do not even know it exists. A couple of weeks ago, some of our colleagues recorded the below video to highlight the need for critical illness coverage. “The vi
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Top 2 Key Consumer Complaints About Health Care Insurance

What are your top 2 complaints about health care insurance, even after implementation of Affordable Care Act?   Even our informal poll shows that the top 2 complaints are: 1. Before I chose a new plan, I checked to make sure my doctor was included and yet, when I went for an office vi
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Your Health Savings Account Can Give Your Retirement a Boost

Health Savings Accounts
Do you have a Health Savings Account (HSA)? We read a Street article this past week that said more of us now qualify for an HSA because we are holding high deductible plans. If that’s true for you, then you’ll want to pay attention to the below two summarized articles. IRS
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Have You Heard These Health Insurance Warnings for Spring 2015?

Do you have an individual health insurance policy? Are you receiving a subsidy for your health insurance benefits from Covered California? If your answer to either of those questions is YES (or even “I think so”), then you’ll want to either watch the video below or r
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