George Geldin with a 2014 Individual Open Enrollment Update Video

Hi, this is George Geldon with an individual insurance open enrollment roundup. This is dated October 29th 2014. I’m gonna touch on Medicare, Covered California and other individual plans. Right at this time, for those people in Medicare, we’re in the midst of Medicare Ope
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ObamaCare Open Enrollment Time – Again!

We just read a New York Times article that claims “Only 11 Percent of Uninsured Know About Obamacare’s Next Open Enrollment”. In case you missed it, here’s the gist: “This year, the big challenge for officials behind the Affordable Care Act may not be making th
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This Week’s Healthcare News Roundup

This is what happens when we get inundated with healthcare news and we can’t decide what to share…ok, here goes: 1. Were you hoping that the upcoming Open Enrollment period would be easier than last years? Well, according to the John & Rusty report we received, we have
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Insuring Against the Risk of Another September 11?

As we get closer to each 09/11 anniversary, we receive increasing number of clients calling about Terrorism Insurance. We always advise them that it is quite costly and typically purchased by companies who are sending employees to known High-Risk Countries, especially in the Middle Ea
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What…There are Discrepancies…In the New Health Insurance Program?!

Health Insurance Program
The AP recently posted an article with updated figures on those that enrolled in the health insurance exchanges during the first open enrollment period. According to the article, “More than 2 million people who got health insurance under [the Affordable Care Act] have data discr
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2 Prostate Cancer Sniffing Dogs…In Italy

2 Prostate Cancern Sniffing Dogs
It is not often that we get to combine two of our favorite topics in one blog post: Dogs in the workplace…in this case, health care…yay! This MedCity article (originally provided by Reuters) was brought to our attention: “Man’s Best Friend May Also Be Able to H
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Small Employers Still Unprepared for Obamacare Mandates

Small Employers Still Unprepared for Obamacare Mandates
I know, you thought we were done with this topic. And we were. For awhile. But here’s what we’ve learned from a recent article published by Inc: Small Businesses are still NOT prepared for Obamacare mandates. Are you an employee of a small business? Are you a small busines
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The Undecided Fate of Casey Kasem’s Long Term Care

If your radar tingles whenever there is a story about long term care, especially if a celebrity is involved, then you must be as abuzz about the Casey Kasem story as we have been. Although there are probably many sites covering this story, the two we honed in on are Huffington Post an
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Healthcare Spending Increases…Surprised?

healthcare spending increases
Last week, Bloomberg News reported that: “Health Spending Gains as Obamacare Patients Use the Plans” Ok, is this really a news flash? Well, no, but not for the reasons you may have thought. We bet you thought spending rose because more people bought the insurance. Well, ye
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Helping You Make Smart Medicare Coverage Decisions

Wow, we have been so focused on the health insurance marketplaces, we haven’t written very much about Medicare nor Medicare Advantage. The rising tide of retiring baby boomers means that more of our clients are asking for advice on when and how to start Social Security and Medic
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