In The News This Week: Fear About Zika

Zika Transmitted by Mosquito
And You Thought Zika Was Only In Brazil…. Zika infections will rise, plateau and then fall in Colombia, says President Juan Manuel Santos. via VIDEO: Colombia – Zika infections will rise WebMD shares the story the doctors who linked the Zika virus to microcephaly. via Zika
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The Passing of Bowie and Frey is the Week Our Music Died

winslow image greg mckelvey
Are you a Boomer? If so, last week may have been as sad for you as it was for some of us. The deaths of David Bowie and Glenn Frey led to some interesting conversations about which artist left a bigger impact on our lives, and a bigger whole in our hearts. Which was it for you? Winslo
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Ways to Celebrate a Healthy Start to the New Year

Geldin Healthy New Year Celebration
Many of us vow to make the next year healthier than the last. Why wait for the new year? We suggest you start today! To help you in that endeavor, here are a few recipes. For those that prefer video, scroll to the end to see a different collection of healthy DIY tips. 5 New Years Eve
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Has Santa Paws Already Come Into Town?

Santa Paws 2015
Like you, we are preparing for the holiday. Hopefully, you have already completed your health insurance application, have purchased any needed travel insurance and are safely preparing for the holiday. Surel you have not forgotten about your fur-babies in your preparation, right? Just
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Still Time to Buy Holiday Travel Insurance

USA Today Travel Graph
As we close out Open Enrollment Health Insurance Season, we turn to The Holidays: Holiday travelers to top 100M for first time ever; most will drive Holiday travelers to top 100M for first time ever; most will drive The national average price for gas is poised to fall below $2 per gal
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Flu shot, or Scared of Santa?

Flu shot, or scared of Santa? Can you guess why these tots are crying? All happy families are alike, and so are unhappy toddlers, whether they’re getting a shot at the doctor’s office or perched unwillingly on Santa’s lap. But Jimmy Kimmel had fun Tuesday night seein
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The Open Enrollment Shopping Window for 2016 Health Insurance Closing

California ends takeover of Alameda County public health insurance provider ALAMEDA — After teetering on the edge of insolvency last year, Alameda County’s public health insurance provider has turned its finances around, prompting the state to return it to local control. T
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A Healthy Thanksgiving Video and 7 Recipes

If you’re anything like those in our office, your mind is already on planning next week’s menu. And, similarly, you are trying to find a way to still be a bit healthier, yes? If so, then check out the below. 7 Healthy Thanksgiving Sides Lifestyle Recipes By Erin Brelsford 
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Supplemental Dental Insurance Options

Now that we are in Open Enrollment Season, many of our clients are also thinking about dental insurance so we thought we’d share this interesting piece we just read: Supplemental Dental Insurance for Individuals – 11 November 2015 #Instead of Buying Dental Insurance, You M
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Covered California Opens Third Annual Enrollment this Week

It’s Back! Covered California Opens Third Annual Enrollment – Keenan November 1 marks the beginning of Open Enrollment for Covered California’s health insurance exchange and the opportunity to enroll for or change coverage for 2016. The open enrollment period extends to January
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