Are You Ready for Open Enrollment Season?

Hello, this is George Geldin with a California Individual Health Insurance Update and Medicare Update for September 25th, 2015. Sadly, the weather is changing; maybe the last day can wear a Hawaiian shirt and because autumn is here, it also means that Open Enrollments are just around
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Do You Have Concerns About Your Local Hospital?

We started reading an article in the September issue of Consumer Reports   entitled “How your hospital can make you sick“ (which is not California specific), and were reminded of another article, summarized below) about hospitals facing Medicare Readmission Penalties. So,
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Are You Wishing Medicare a Happy Birthday?

Are you one of those boomers that grew up thinking that Social Security and Medicare would not be available for you? I know many of our colleagues still have that concern. Which is why the AARP Bulletin cover story caught our attention.  Happy Birthday Social Security and Medicare Pre
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Dangers of Delaying Medicare Enrollment

Did you know that there are penalties for delaying your Medicare enrollment? We know you’d think that delaying accepting benefits could only be a good thing, but, alas, there are dangers which you should know so you can make an educated decision. As noted in an LA Times article
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2 Reasons to be Happy about Medicare Advantage Plans in 2016

How do you decide what to share with your blog readers? One of the ways we decide is by reviewing what others are reporting. It just so happens that we received three different emails from different sources all talking about the anticipated changes to Medicare Advantage plans. Two of
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Are You Caught Up In Aetna’s Pharmacy Network Mix-Up?

Did you know that more than 400,000 Aetna members, who are also on Medicare, were caught by surprise when it turned out their pharmacy couldn’t, or wouldn’t, fill their prescription at what was thought to be the agreed upon rate? According to a recent article by Kaiser Hea
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New Medicare Advantage Study: It’s Growing!

Are you or someone you love already enrolled in Medicare? Are you (or someone you love) in your late 60s? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you seem to be the perfect demographic for enrolling to Medicare Advantage. According to a recently published study, as r
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George Geldin with a 2014 Individual Open Enrollment Update Video

Hi, this is George Geldon with an individual insurance open enrollment roundup. This is dated October 29th 2014. I’m gonna touch on Medicare, Covered California and other individual plans. Right at this time, for those people in Medicare, we’re in the midst of Medicare Ope
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Medicare Open Enrollment Period for 2015

Wow, this is our first blog post with a 2015 date… How time flies! This time next week, the new open enrollment period begins for those eligible for Medicare, and runs through Dec. 07, 2014. This week’s John & Rusty article does a marvelous job of laying out the differ
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3 Key Facts that Demonstrate the Value of Medicare Advantage

A new article was published by AHIP with 3 key facts that demonstrate the value of Medicare Advantage. First – Overall, seniors like Medicare Advantage. According to survey results published in the article: 90% of beneficiaries are satisfied with their plans, 94% are satisfied w
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