2 More California Health Insurance Updates

Wow, another week with 2 important changes we thought you should know about. Here they are in the order we received them: “Governor signs bill to let doctors graduate faster”: according to an article found in the Sacramento Business Journal, some student doctors could grad
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More Health Insurance Changes for California

We recently received an email with 2 new health insurance updates for California. We couldn’t pick just one to post about, so we decided to summarize them both for you. 1. SB 1446 was signed signed by Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. on July 07, 2014 and will pr
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Ensuring AND Insuring Your Summer Vacation???

Ok, so we’ve shared quite a bit about travel insurance so that may be what came to mind first, but have you thought about how your health and life insurance could come into play, too? Since the thought of needing your life insurance is not too pleasant a thought, let’s foc
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What Are Your Employer’s Concerns About Private Exchanges?

Health care reform doctor
As we enter a new fiscal quarter, we read an article in Employee Benefit News entitled “Employers identify barriers to private exchange adoption” and are wondering how many of these issues are also issues for you. According to the article: 1. “[E]mployers are interes
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Health Insurance Pop Quiz…Only 5 Questions…And Their Answers

Health Insurance Pop Quiz
We are only days away from closing out the first quarter since the end of the first open enrollment period under “Obamacare“. Before we share with you the results of a new study we were sent, please take just a moment to think about what you expect the study to show. 1. Do
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What…There are Discrepancies…In the New Health Insurance Program?!

Health Insurance Program
The AP recently posted an article with updated figures on those that enrolled in the health insurance exchanges during the first open enrollment period. According to the article, “More than 2 million people who got health insurance under [the Affordable Care Act] have data discr
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2 Prostate Cancer Sniffing Dogs…In Italy

2 Prostate Cancern Sniffing Dogs
It is not often that we get to combine two of our favorite topics in one blog post: Dogs in the workplace…in this case, health care…yay! This MedCity article (originally provided by Reuters) was brought to our attention: “Man’s Best Friend May Also Be Able to H
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Small Employers Still Unprepared for Obamacare Mandates

Small Employers Still Unprepared for Obamacare Mandates
I know, you thought we were done with this topic. And we were. For awhile. But here’s what we’ve learned from a recent article published by Inc: Small Businesses are still NOT prepared for Obamacare mandates. Are you an employee of a small business? Are you a small busines
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The Undecided Fate of Casey Kasem’s Long Term Care

If your radar tingles whenever there is a story about long term care, especially if a celebrity is involved, then you must be as abuzz about the Casey Kasem story as we have been. Although there are probably many sites covering this story, the two we honed in on are Huffington Post an
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Healthcare Spending Increases…Surprised?

healthcare spending increases
Last week, Bloomberg News reported that: “Health Spending Gains as Obamacare Patients Use the Plans” Ok, is this really a news flash? Well, no, but not for the reasons you may have thought. We bet you thought spending rose because more people bought the insurance. Well, ye
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