How Will You Honor This Child Abuse Prevention Month?

Presidential Proclamation — National Child Abuse Prevention Month, 2016 NATIONAL CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH, 2016 – – – – – – – BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION All children deserve to grow up in a caring
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Who Should Honor Administrative Professionals Week Most?

Administrative Professionals Week: Which Industries Need Them Most? April 24th to 30th marks Administrative Professionals Week this year. This week recognizes the contributions of Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, and other office professionals. In honor of this occasion, we exa
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How Will You Celebrate International Moment of Laughter Day?

International Moment of Laughter Day Date When Celebrated : Always April 14th International Moment of Laughter Day is a special day that will put a big smile on your face. The objective of this day is to get people to laugh, and to laugh more often. After all, “laughter is the b
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Reasons and Ways to Celebrate National Walking Day

Did you know that practically each day of the year has its own holiday? Today is no exception: National Walking Day! In fact, you’ll probably see this theme repeated periodically, especially this month while our usual blogger is traveling. The American Heart Association declared
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Healthy Easter Ideas Sure to Make All Kids Happy

healthy Easter bunny
Whether you celebrate Easter or not, these ideas are sure to make everyone smile: Healthy Easter Ideas! — Live The Smart Way I love bunnies! And I love the signs and smells of Spring. AND I also love the food! Easter has always been a very special time for my family. Every Easter Sund
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6 Tips to Get You Ready for a Healthy Spring

healthy breakfast
As we type on this St. Patricks Day, we are also looking forward to the Spring Equinox on Monday. What do you do to celebrate? We know of folks that dance in the moonlight (that seems pretty healthy, right?). Well, regardless, here are some healthy tips to get you ready: HEALTHY TIPS
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Is Your Heart Healthy for Valentine’s Day?

heart month test image
National Heart Month #heartmonth is here! February is National Heart Month – celebrate by loving your heart! Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in women and men in the United States, and while some risk factors are hereditary, there is much that can be done to lower you
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In The News This Week: Fear About Zika

Zika Transmitted by Mosquito
And You Thought Zika Was Only In Brazil…. Zika infections will rise, plateau and then fall in Colombia, says President Juan Manuel Santos. via VIDEO: Colombia – Zika infections will rise WebMD shares the story the doctors who linked the Zika virus to microcephaly. via Zika
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The Passing of Bowie and Frey is the Week Our Music Died

winslow image greg mckelvey
Are you a Boomer? If so, last week may have been as sad for you as it was for some of us. The deaths of David Bowie and Glenn Frey led to some interesting conversations about which artist left a bigger impact on our lives, and a bigger whole in our hearts. Which was it for you? Winslo
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How Are You Celebrating MLK Day of Service?

Kaiser's MLK Day of Service
Are you looking for a way to celebrate Monday’s holiday? Some of our colleagues were looking and initially found very little to choose from. Below is what we found in Pasadena and Los Angeles. Towards the bottom is a fabulous video we found from a Kaiser event a couple of years
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