Still Looking for a Doctor in California?

A few months ago, we mentioned that Covered California was hoping to enroll millions more during this Open Enrollment Period. Are you one that is still looking for coverage? Or, perhaps you have coverage but can’t find a doctor to care for you? Both of these issues are currently
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6 Health Bills on the Agenda of California 2015 Legislative Session

Although we don’t usually talk about politics on this site, we thought you might be interested to know about the health care related bills that are on the agenda of this California Legislative Session, as reported by the latest John & Rusty Report. For example, state Sen. Ri
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Wishing You All a Very Healthy Thanksgiving!

  In keeping with our health themes, we went looking for ways to encourage a healthy Thanksgiving and found a lot too choose from (as you can see in these images): The common theme is that traditional dishes can be healthy with just a few tweaks. For example, below is what you
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Penicillin Allergy? Maybe Not…!

With Open Enrollment season just beginning, many folks are looking to change doctors (again) in the new year. Which raises the question: do you check the box stating you are allergic to penicillin? Did you know that although you may have had a previous negative reaction, you may not a
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What did the Supreme Court Agree to Hear?

We’re guessing that you heard the news on Friday that the Supreme Court agreed to rule on a new challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We’ve heard from some of you that you’re not sure you understand what they are going to rule on and would like
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George Geldin with a 2014 Individual Open Enrollment Update Video

Hi, this is George Geldon with an individual insurance open enrollment roundup. This is dated October 29th 2014. I’m gonna touch on Medicare, Covered California and other individual plans. Right at this time, for those people in Medicare, we’re in the midst of Medicare Ope
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10 Healthy Halloween Treats Children Want

Since last year’s post was focused on a safe Halloween, we thought we’d focus this year on Healthy Halloween, while reminding you to review last year’s safety tips!   Have you been touring Pinterest for Healthy Halloween ideas? If not, we hope that the below ima
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ObamaCare Open Enrollment Time – Again!

We just read a New York Times article that claims “Only 11 Percent of Uninsured Know About Obamacare’s Next Open Enrollment”. In case you missed it, here’s the gist: “This year, the big challenge for officials behind the Affordable Care Act may not be making th
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Cancer Deaths Still Lead Ebola in USA

Yes, ebola seems to be all over the news, but let’s put things back into perspective: heart disease and lung cancer still contribute to more US deaths than ebola, at least so far. One article that we received last week seeks to dispel five cancer care myths: First Myth: “S
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This Week’s Healthcare News Roundup

This is what happens when we get inundated with healthcare news and we can’t decide what to share…ok, here goes: 1. Were you hoping that the upcoming Open Enrollment period would be easier than last years? Well, according to the John & Rusty report we received, we have
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