4 New Exercising Options with Real Benefits

Are you exercising? Bet you have heard all the reasons why you should, right? Maybe some of those reasons motivated you, at least for a little while. This week, our inbox has been filled with 4 health related exercise stories. Since we couldn’t choose one to highlight, we are go
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Where Are We After Anthem’s Cyber Attack?

Were you one of those that were expecting us to write about Anthem’s cyber attack? Sorry that we disappointed you last week! But in response to the requests we’ve received, we are here to deliver today. For those readers that don’t know what we’re talking about
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Are Your Valentine’s Day Plans Being Marred by the ObamaCare Deadline?

Are you unhappy with your 2014 health insurance choice? Are you a procrastinator? Have you been putting off diving into Covered California so you can get a better health plan for 2015? Well, your time is almost up. The deadline is upon you: Sunday, February 15, 2015. Although there ar
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Are You Caught Up In Aetna’s Pharmacy Network Mix-Up?

Did you know that more than 400,000 Aetna members, who are also on Medicare, were caught by surprise when it turned out their pharmacy couldn’t, or wouldn’t, fill their prescription at what was thought to be the agreed upon rate? According to a recent article by Kaiser Hea
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Is HIPAA Compliance Enough Security?

Who handles security in your office? According to many sources, medical identity theft is on the rise.   Thus, an interesting MedCityNews article caught our eye this week, entitled: “Cybersecurity in healthcare is now center stage. So who should be responsible?” Typically,
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Cancer May Suck Less for More Thanks to View Ray at UCLA

Cancer sucks! Right? No one would argue with that, right?! Maybe soon it’ll suck a little less for some folks. Thanks to a UCLA Vital Signs mailing, we learned of a new MRI-guided radiation treatment. Did you know that tumors move? It makes sense, but I guess we never really tho
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Obamacare on 60 Minutes

Did you watch the 60 Minutes article on Obamacare that aired on Sunday, January 11, 2015? We missed it, but found it online, though not available to embed here. Below the video, is the written transcript of the article.  The piece opens with Lesley Stahl saying: “This month mark
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New Medicare Advantage Study: It’s Growing!

Are you or someone you love already enrolled in Medicare? Are you (or someone you love) in your late 60s? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you seem to be the perfect demographic for enrolling to Medicare Advantage. According to a recently published study, as r
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5 HealthCare Predictions for 2015

Do you have a working crystal ball? Neither do we…or anyone we’ve met to date. And yet, we all seem compelled to make predictions for the coming year. We found quite a few folks willing to make health care predictions for 2015 (feel free to Google “healthcare predict
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Wishing You Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Is one of your goals to be healthy (or at least healthier)? Well don’t wait any longer…let’s start today! Actually, some of you may have started earlier with a healthy Hanukkah. We found a fun article earlier this month at One Green Planet. Since this post is publish
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