A Roundup of ACA Updates, with Thanks to Employee Benefits News!

Once again, we received 3 new updates that we thought might interest you, and they are summarized for you below, along with links to the original articles: * An article in Benefits News answered “The Top Three Questions Asked By Small Business Owners”: Question 1: “W
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3 Key Facts that Demonstrate the Value of Medicare Advantage

A new article was published by AHIP with 3 key facts that demonstrate the value of Medicare Advantage. First – Overall, seniors like Medicare Advantage. According to survey results published in the article: 90% of beneficiaries are satisfied with their plans, 94% are satisfied w
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Robin Williams’ Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

If your circles are anything like ours, many were shocked and saddened that a man who brought us so much joy and happiness could not feel enough of the same being returned to him to keep him from ending his life. You’ve probably heard or read a lot this week about the signs of d
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This Week’s Top 4 Healthcare Headlines

It is pretty amazing the amount of news activity that’s been generated around health insurance this past week (again). Let’s see if we can adequately summarize the highlights for you: 1. “California exchange insurance rates for 2015 draw mixed reaction” accordi
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Say What? Obamacare Predictions Were Wrong?

Do you remember the dire predictions of life as we know it coming to an end when we instated Obamacare? Specifically, do you remember anticipating a doctor shortage? Especially because it was anticipated that those who took advantage of the new health reform law would be the sickest o
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2 More California Health Insurance Updates

Wow, another week with 2 important changes we thought you should know about. Here they are in the order we received them: “Governor signs bill to let doctors graduate faster”: according to an article found in the Sacramento Business Journal, some student doctors could grad
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More Health Insurance Changes for California

We recently received an email with 2 new health insurance updates for California. We couldn’t pick just one to post about, so we decided to summarize them both for you. 1. SB 1446 was signed signed by Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. on July 07, 2014 and will pr
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Ensuring AND Insuring Your Summer Vacation???

Ok, so we’ve shared quite a bit about travel insurance so that may be what came to mind first, but have you thought about how your health and life insurance could come into play, too? Since the thought of needing your life insurance is not too pleasant a thought, let’s foc
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What Are Your Employer’s Concerns About Private Exchanges?

Health care reform doctor
As we enter a new fiscal quarter, we read an article in Employee Benefit News entitled “Employers identify barriers to private exchange adoption” and are wondering how many of these issues are also issues for you. According to the article: 1. “[E]mployers are interes
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Health Insurance Pop Quiz…Only 5 Questions…And Their Answers

Health Insurance Pop Quiz
We are only days away from closing out the first quarter since the end of the first open enrollment period under “Obamacare“. Before we share with you the results of a new study we were sent, please take just a moment to think about what you expect the study to show. 1. Do
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