ObamaCare Open Enrollment Time – Again!

We just read a New York Times article that claims “Only 11 Percent of Uninsured Know About Obamacare’s Next Open Enrollment”. In case you missed it, here’s the gist: “This year, the big challenge for officials behind the Affordable Care Act may not be making th
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Cancer Deaths Still Lead Ebola in USA

Yes, ebola seems to be all over the news, but let’s put things back into perspective: heart disease and lung cancer still contribute to more US deaths than ebola, at least so far. One article that we received last week seeks to dispel five cancer care myths: First Myth: “S
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This Week’s Healthcare News Roundup

This is what happens when we get inundated with healthcare news and we can’t decide what to share…ok, here goes: 1. Were you hoping that the upcoming Open Enrollment period would be easier than last years? Well, according to the John & Rusty report we received, we have
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Health and Life Insurance In The News this Week…and a Job Lead!

Looks like it’s time for another compilation post since there are just too many important stories this week. 1. This Insurance Broadcasting headline really surprised many on our team: “Annual Survey of Americans’ Views on Health Care and the ACA Finds Nearly Half of
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Is this a Cold or the Flu?

With record braking heat in southern California, it’s hard to remember that we are rapidly approaching fall and the final quarter of the year. Of course, for those with children, the beginning of school and their requisite fall activities helps remind many parents. And then ther
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Insuring Against the Risk of Another September 11?

As we get closer to each 09/11 anniversary, we receive increasing number of clients calling about Terrorism Insurance. We always advise them that it is quite costly and typically purchased by companies who are sending employees to known High-Risk Countries, especially in the Middle Ea
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Unique Stress Reduction Technique: Block Carving & Printmaking Class

Every day we read about how stressful our society is. We hear from our friends and loved one’s about how stressed they feel, and recognize those feelings in ourselves. Many of us have also read numerous articles on ways to reduce the stress in our lives, including taking up a ho
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A Roundup of ACA Updates, with Thanks to Employee Benefits News!

Once again, we received 3 new updates that we thought might interest you, and they are summarized for you below, along with links to the original articles: * An article in Benefits News answered “The Top Three Questions Asked By Small Business Owners”: Question 1: “W
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3 Key Facts that Demonstrate the Value of Medicare Advantage

A new article was published by AHIP with 3 key facts that demonstrate the value of Medicare Advantage. First – Overall, seniors like Medicare Advantage. According to survey results published in the article: 90% of beneficiaries are satisfied with their plans, 94% are satisfied w
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Robin Williams’ Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

If your circles are anything like ours, many were shocked and saddened that a man who brought us so much joy and happiness could not feel enough of the same being returned to him to keep him from ending his life. You’ve probably heard or read a lot this week about the signs of d
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