Dog Friendly Plans for Southern California Travels

Are you beginning to think about your summer travels? We heard our first “summer vacation” ad just this morning…which reminded us of an article we read in the November/December 2014 issue of Westways Magazine, put out by AAA (the American Automobile Association), ent
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Do You Double Pay for Your Health Care?

Can you imagine having to pay for your health care benefits twice? It’s hard enough to pay for them once, right? What if your whole industry was required to pay for its healthcare benefits twice? What would you do if this was true for you? This is exactly what is happening with
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2 Reasons to be Happy about Medicare Advantage Plans in 2016

How do you decide what to share with your blog readers? One of the ways we decide is by reviewing what others are reporting. It just so happens that we received three different emails from different sources all talking about the anticipated changes to Medicare Advantage plans. Two of
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Is Health Care Reform Impacting Your 2014 Tax Return?

Did you get your health coverage through California’s exchange, Covered California? Did you know that there may be tax ramifications of your enrollment? In last week’s Los Angeles Times article entitled “Obamacare: California sends 120,000 corrected tax forms, thousa
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Are You Missing Out on Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits?

One of our colleagues recently lost his father. He and his sister erroneously thought he would receive the life insurance checks right away. But it doesn’t work that way. First you have to receive the death certificate. That alone could take many weeks. Once those certificates h
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Obamacare Tallies Are In

Now that the Obamacare Open Enrollment Period is behind us, the last couple of weeks have been filled numerous articles. Below you’ll find a roundup of the most important articles so far this month. “Data on Health Law Shows Largest Drop in Uninsured in 4 Decades, the U.S.
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Privacy Legislation Proposed for California

Is privacy important to you? It certainly is important to us (which you might have gathered since we wrote about this topic not too long ago)! Early this week, we received an email from an organization we subscribe to (NAIFA: National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers).   Adva
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Supreme Court to Finally Rule on Health Care Reform

Have you been hearing about the anticipated Supreme Court ruling next week over health care? Are you wondering what the scoop really is? We found quite a few articles, but the one that we liked the most was published by the New York times this week. We like this article because it is
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4 New Exercising Options with Real Benefits

Are you exercising? Bet you have heard all the reasons why you should, right? Maybe some of those reasons motivated you, at least for a little while. This week, our inbox has been filled with 4 health related exercise stories. Since we couldn’t choose one to highlight, we are go
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Where Are We After Anthem’s Cyber Attack?

Were you one of those that were expecting us to write about Anthem’s cyber attack? Sorry that we disappointed you last week! But in response to the requests we’ve received, we are here to deliver today. For those readers that don’t know what we’re talking about
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